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kylix 3 open edition

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Last updated: 2010-03-02

Kylix 3 Open Edition is a free version of Kylix that can be used for GPL projects only. It has support for Object Pascal and the C++ languages. It was freely available for download or available on magazine cover CD's at the time (2000-2003).

Unfortunately Kylix was discontinued and is not supported by Borland or Embarcadero. With that comes the problem that even though you can get you hands on a legal copy of Kylix 3 Open Edition, you will still not be able to run it because you cannot activate it.

This is a classic example of why I hate activation software. Just because the company goes out of business or the product get discontinued, it forces everybody to stop using the product because there is no means of activating it. I did email Borland and Embarcadero and they confirmed that they don't have the means to activate the Open Edition of Kylix any more. So this begs the question: What happens to all the GPL projects that based there development on the Kylix 3 product? contains loads of projects based on Kylix, but development of those projects are halted or hindered because nobody can get hold of Kylix or activate their legal copies.

So here I have listed three active download location of Kylix 3 Open Edition as Borland supplied it. I also included my activation file, seeing that neither Borland nor Embarcadero has the ability to active it any more.

Kylix 3 Open Edition can be download from the following URL.

The latter one simply includes many library requirements for various Linux distros. If you use the officially support distros or something close, like SuSE 9.1, then the first download link will be just fine.

If you already have a copy of Kylix 3 Open Edition and you are only looking for the activation file. You can download it from any of these URLs (download 2422 bytes in size):

Install procedures

  1. Install Kylix 3 Open Edition an the kylix3_open directory as directed by Borland.

  2. Before you run Kylix 3 for the first time, copy the activation file reg92.txt into you home directory (/home/). Then start up Kylix via the icons in the application menu. Kylix 3 will now be activated.

Alternatives (recommended)

Even though Kylix 3 is discontinued and it is quite hard to get the IDE running under the latest distros, I had no problems with a old copy of SuSE 9.1. I highly recommend you rather install Free Pascal Compiler and the Lazarus IDE for any new development work. Free Pascal and Lazarus are excellent tools, much easier to install and is Open Source - so will always be available (and thank goodness without activation requirements).

Free Pascal: