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Reference for unit 'tiOIDInt64'

Implements Int64 value type OID support





Declares classes related for managing and creating OID's (Object Identifiers)



Unit containing base class used by all tiOPF classes



The base unit for tiOPF





All classes required to implement the Visitor design pattern.



Implements Int64 value type OID support.


  1. Optional: Assign the TIOPFManager's Default OID Generator property like this: GTIOPFManager.DefaultOIDGenerator := TtiOIDGeneratorInt64.Create;
  2. Required: Make sure you have a Next_OID table with an OID field of type Integer. eg: CREATE TABLE NEXT_OID ( OID INTEGER NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_NEXT_OID PRIMARY KEY (OID) );
  3. Required: Make sure you have an initial record inserted into the Next_OID table, and set the starting high value for the generator. eg: INSERT INTO NEXT_OID VALUES (1);
Remark: You can't set the seed value to 0 (constant values cNullOIDInteger) because that is treated as a NULL value. eg: if MyOID.IsNull() then ...

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